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Information Modelling & Analysis: Project 2

Student: Claudio Maggioni

Please follow the instructions provided in the project slides and consider the submission instructions available on iCorsi.

For your convencience, I the following resources are available in the resources folder:

  • defects4j-checkout-closure-1f: The output of the command defects4j checkout -p Closure -v 1f -w ...
  • modified_classes The list of buggy classes in: framework/projects/Closure/modified_classes/


To install the required libraries run:

python3 -m venv .env
source .env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Data pre-processing

To extract and label the feature vectors run:

python3 ./
python3 ./

The labeled feature vectors are stored in file ./metrics/feature_vectors_labeled.csv from the repository root.


To train the classifiers with the grid search procedure defined in the report to later extract the optimal combination of hyperparameters run:

python3 ./

and answer y to run again training when prompted. Answering n simply computes again data about the best hyperparameter configuration from the metrics produced by a previous training.

Raw cross validation training metrics are stored in ./models/models.csv. The optimal hyperparameter configurations found are stored in ./models/best.csv.


To run the 20-times 5-fold cross validation procedure delete the file ./models/evaluation.csv and run:

python3 ./

Raw data from the repeated cross validation procedure is stored in ./models/evaluation.csv. P-values for each metric of each classifier pair are stored in ./models/model_stats.csv.