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Lab 2 - Software Performance 2023

This is Lab 2 of the Software Performance course at USI.

Go to this Lab on iCorsi.

Submission Info

Property Value
First Name Claudio
Last Name Maggioni

Submission Checklist

Please complete this checklist (turn [ ] into [X]) before you submit:

  • I completed the above Submission Info
  • I built the project in IntelliJ (Build > Build Project)
  • I ran test/test.sh and verified that it runs (and fails)
  • I implemented the analysis in src/Analyzer.java, outputting:
    • Number of classes (incl. interfaces and enums)
    • Number of concrete non-native, non-abstract methods (methods with code)
    • Total number of instructions (ignoring instructions with opcode -1)
    • Total number of instructions by opcode (ignoring instructions with opcode -1)
    • Total number of method invocation instructions (== call sites)
    • Total number of conditional branch instructions (excluding GOTO, but including multi-way branches)
  • I wrote the source code myself and did not look at the source code of my classmates
  • I ran test/test.sh and verified that it runs and passes
  • I committed my changes (at least one commit, but possibly many)
  • I pushed my commits to GitHub